Welcome to The Imagination Foundry!

We are Becca and Cam, a couple of New York ex-pats living in Southern California. After creating jewelry as the creative team behind Stern Design Works for over 15 years covid really changed a lot, and like so many others we reevaluated. We spent a lot of time selling work directly to customers at retail markets and cons and have loved every minute of it, and after a lot of thought and imagination we are really excited to rock the boat again in a whole new direction

Imagination /ɪˌmædʒɪˈneɪʃn/ noun: the ability to create pictures in your mind. From Old French imaginacion “concept, mental picture; hallucination,” from Latin imaginationem (nominative imaginatio) “imagination, a fancy,” noun of action from past participle stem of imaginari “to form an image of, represent”), from imago “an image, a likeness,” from stem of imitari “to copy, imitate” 

Foundry (//ˈfaʊndri/) noun: early 17th century (earlier as foundery): from found ‘melt and mould’ + -ry, perhaps suggested by French fonderie.